frequently asked questions

What is OvaGene Oncology?
OvaGene is a company in Irvine, California dedicated to innovation; to improving patient care; and to making the most efficient use of healthcare dollars.  We work with advanced gene-based technologies to individualize the treatment of ovarian, endometrial, and cervical cancers.  OvaGene is led by a team of MDs, PhDs and other healthcare professionals, many of  whom have experienced gynecologic cancer within their own families.  By working with cancer centers around the world, OvaGene is committed to applying new genetic discoveries to the personalization of diagnosing and treating gynecologic cancers.

What is gynecologic cancer and how is it treated?

Cancer is a disease during which normal cells in the body become mutated and continue a process of uncontrollable cell growth.  Gynecologic cancer is the process of cancer originating within the female reproductive system, most notably the ovaries, uterus, or cervix.  Gynecologic cancer is treated by surgery, radiation, and/or chemotherapy alone or in combination.  In some cases targeted therapeutic drugs are given in addition to chemotherapy.

What is 'Personalized Medicine' and molecular profiling?

Personalized medicine is the application of molecular technologies to make precise and accurate distinctions between the individual characteristics of one patient and the unique molecular characteristic of another. These technologies allow each patient to be treated on a personalized basis rather than by a "one size fits all" approach.  Molecular profiling refers to several advanced technologies which define tumors based on the DNA, RNA, and proteins expressed within those tumors.  It is used to supplement information obtained from looking at tumor cells through a microscope.

What molecular profiling tests are available from OvaGene?

OvaGene operates its own CLIA-certified, CAP-accredited clinical laboratory which is licensed to provide molecular profiling tests that currently address clinical questions in ovarian, endometrial, and cervical cancer.  OvaGene tests are focused on assessing the unique molecular make-up of a patient's cancer and how it may affect therapy response, risk of recurrence, and chemotherapy side-effects.  A list of the individual testing available can be found on the "Patients" page on our website.


Why would a gynecologic oncologist order OvaGene testing?

OvaGene molecular profiling provides useful information to help gynecologic oncologists personalize treatment plans specific to their patient's genetic tumor make-up.  Each patient's cancer is different on a molecular level and a physician cannot see the genetic make-up of the tumor without a molecular biomarker assessment.  When a doctor is looking for additional information to assist them in determining prognosis and effective therapy options, they can use the  gene-based biomarker panel result to help guide their decision.

How do I get these tests ordered for me?

Any of the molecular profiling tests offered by OvaGene must be ordered for you by your physician.  You (or your doctor) may visit our Client Services webpage to download order forms, specimen requirements and shipping information.  Your physician will need to send us a portion of your tumor from a biopsy or surgery (a specimen) for testing.  After the tests have been performed, a report containing the results of the testing will be sent to your physician usually within 2 weeks of specimen receipt.

How much do the tests cost and are they covered by insurance?

The cost of the testing varies depending on the patient's insurance plan.  OvaGene bills insurance companies directly as a courtesy to the patient and will automatically appeal any non-coverage decisions.  OvaGene accepts assignment and will not balance bill the patient. However, patients are responsible for copayments and unmet deductibles where required by law or insurance contract.  Actual patient financial responsibility for testing is communicated through direct billing from OvaGene Oncology only.

What if the patient does not have medical insurance?

If the patient does not have health insurance, OvaGene will bill the patient for testing at the discounted self-pay rate. We offer flexible payment options including credit card and low monthly payment plan options.  We will work with the patient to make comfortable payment arrangements.  OvaGene understands that some patients may be financially unable to pay their bill in full due to extreme financial difficulties. We offer a financial assistance through our Compassionate Care Program to those who qualify. Please contact our billing department to request information on qualifications and a program application.

Any additional questions you may have can be answered by emailing our Director of Patient Relations, Kim Beaudette, at or by calling 1-949-271-8814 (direct) for more information.