executive team

Frank J. Kiesner, J.D.
Mr. Kiesner served as Chairman, President and CEO of Oncotech Inc. for 17 years. Oncotech became the leading company in the USA and Europe in the field of individualizing cancer treatment and drug selection. On a base of $3 million new investment, Mr. Kiesner built the company to this leadership position using only internally generated cash flow and profits. Under his leadership Oncotech validated, introduced and was reimbursed for over 50 new cancer tests. Mr. Kiesner was previously a partner at Northstar Ventures, General Council and Treasurer of ADC Telecommunications (a multi-billion dollar public company) and President of ADC Corporation's Magnetic Division. He served on multiple committees and boards for the American Laboratory Association and has extensive experience in the regional, federal and congressional workings of health care reimbursement. Working with Congressman Bill Thomas, Chairman of the Congress's Ways and Means Sub-Committee on Health, Mr. Kiesner was the leading force behind the passage of the "Patients Benefit Improvement Act Of 1999" which rewrote the new technology approval and patient-provider appellate process for the Medicare and other federal Statutory Programs. Mr. Kiesner obtained his J.D. from the University of Minnesota School of Law

Jay E. Coonan, MD

Dr. Coonan has broad experience in the life sciences and health care delivery sectors. He worked in Business Development for Oncotech Inc. and was Director of Medical Affairs and Business Development for OmegaTech Inc. Dr. Coonan served as Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer for Exempla Healthcare Inc., a Denver CO hospital system. As a Board-certified Gastroenterologist, he ran an active clinical practice of Gastroenterology in Colorado, also serving as Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine at the University of Colorado School of Medicine. Dr. Coonan obtained his M.D. at the University of Minnesota School of Medicine.

Patricia Judson, MD
Chief Medical Officer 
Dr. Judson is an internationally recognized leader in gynecologic oncology and has been a practicing gynecologic oncologist for over 15 years at some of the country's most prestigious medical centers including, most recently, The Moffitt Cancer Center in Florida.  Dr. Judson has held numerous academic positions at major universities and medical centers and is a frequent presenter at national gynecologic cancer symposiums.  Dr. Judson is an active clinical researcher and is well-published with over 65 peer-reviewed scientific studies that she has co-authored.  Dr. Judson earned her medical degree from the University of Minnesota School of Medicine.  She completed her residency in obstetrics and gynecology at the University of California, San Francisco and a fellowship in gynecologic oncology at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Dr. Judson is board certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology, as well as Gynecologic Oncology, by the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology.