​​​Etta Healthcare and OvaGene Oncology

Etta Healthcare is now a part of the OvaGene family!  We are pleased to bring our two companies together to develop and commercialize simple-to-use, rapid point-of-care molecular tests on the unique, patented Etta-Chip(TM) handheld device.  With only a drop of blood, the reader-less, disposable Etta-Chip can identify and quantitate proteins, viruses and nucleic acids within minutes.  Please read our press release for more details.  Press Release Download (PDF)

Additional information about Etta Healthcare is available on their website:  www.etta.healthcare ​

The OvaGene Management Team discusses the mission and purpose behind OvaGene Oncology and the importance of quality, dedication, and commitment to improving patient outcomes.

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The OvaGene team deeply cares about women's health and is dedicated to helping gynecologic oncologists improve patient outcomes.

OvaGene offers gene-based tumor profiling tests including pharmacogenetic analysis, next-gen sequencing and tumor drug response.

OvaGene specializes in the

Women's Health space with a robust proprietary pipeline of tests for cancerous and precancerous conditions.





Each patient's cancer is genetically unique. OvaGene testing services provides personalized treatment information.


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